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Mission Statement

The purpose of this organization is:

  • to promote a return to the spirit of slot car racing fun from the ‘60s, using scratchbuilt slot cars
  • to define slot cars that reflect the appearance of actual racing cars from the above time period
  • to provide a unified set of rules for regional, national, and international competition, and
  • to create a rules structure that is cost-effective for the racer as well as the raceways.

These rules were developed after a careful review of all regional Retro style rule sets, in a process begun at the first national Retro race held in Chicago in 2007.

Based upon the success of that event, a group of racers representing various regions agreed that a unified set of rules for major events could be established to ensure that all cars currently running under regional rules would be legal to run in national or international events with little, if any, modification. The primary goal was inclusiveness. Regions running Retro series are encouraged to adopt these rules for their regional events.

Though the result of careful consideration by a body of experienced slot racing participants, these rules will undergo revision if required and therefore may evolve over time. However, the intent of this organization is to revise these rules only when doing so is clearly necessary and beneficial for all parties concerned.

Announcements and the latest rules updates and decisions will be posted on the IRRA®  website.

Please note that anyone running any of the classes defined in these rules who choose to establish alternative rules is prohibited from announcing that the class is being run under IRRA® rules unless the rules are used exactly as defined.

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