Allowable Use of the Trademark

Allowable Use of the Trademark
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Allowable Use of the IRRA ® Trademark

Allowable Use of the IRRA ® Trademark

  • IRRA ®  is a registered trademark of the International Retro Racers Association (IRRA ® ) and may not be used without express written permission.
  • IRRA ®  is a rules-making body only and does not sanction, approve, sponsor, or hold slot racing events. For this reason, the trademark IRRA™ may not be used in the names of races, i.e. the Mid-Alaska IRRATM Moose Maul or the Golden Grain IRRA ® Nats.


  • The IRRA ® trademark may be used specify the rule set being enforced at a slot racing event, i.e. the 2008 Noose 500 Retro Can-Am run under IRRA™ Rules, the Cheater Crash-o-Rama for IRRA™ Can-Am Cars, or IRRA™ style Can-Am racing every Friday night.

Allowable Use of the IRRA ® Rules

Permission to use and publish the copyrighted IRRA ® rules is granted if and ony if the rules are unchanged and unmodified in any manner. The notice of "Copyright IRRA ® " also must be included.

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