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Attached to this page is the 2017 Approved Bodies List that will be incorporated into the next publication of the IRRA® Rules.  It is below the 2015 version and the postings below of bodies that were added.

The following notation appears on the first page of this document:

"Note that certain bodies are highlighted due to their unavailability to distributors and / or raceways or to an inability to meet the required thickness specifications. Racers will have nearly (1) one year to use up their stock of these bodies. As of 9/1/2017, the greyed-out bodies will not be legal for use in IRRA® racing and they will be deleted from the Approved Body List.

Should any of these manufacturers desire to return their product(s) to approved status, sample bodies meeting meeting IRRA® specifications will need to be resubmitted and/or proof of supply from the manufacturer to the receiving raceway(s) and distributor(s) will need to be furnished."

The Approved Body List is being revised because the following manufacturers currently are unable to supply bodies.
Red Fox - unavailable in proper thickness
TrueScale - unavailable to raceways
O/S - unavailable to raceways
Lancer - out of business
G-Force - out of business

The IRRA® believes it is not fair for racers who want to buy certain bodies from their raceway, but can't because of limited production or distribution, to have to compete against racers who are able to source them elsewhere.

Previous announcements
The current list of Approved Bodies can be downloaded here. As new bodies are approved, the picture and other details will be listed in this area.
Note: Any body submitted and approved will not be legal until 30 days after the approval date.




The following Stock car body has been approved for use in the Stock car class as of August 10, 2015

VacuForm Creations


Fast Tracks & Hobbies
1780 South Main St.
Bechtelsville, PA 19505
(484) 415-0660

1968 Dodge Charger




 The following body has been approved by the IRRA® for use in the Can-Am class after October 14, 2015.




 The following body has been approved by the IRRA® for use in the Stock Car class after December 27, 2015.



VacuForm Creations


Fast Tracks & Hobbies
1780 South Main St.
Bechtelsville, PA 19505
(484) 415-0660

Dodge Daytona




As an addendum to the recently-announced moratorium on Ti22 body submissions, and to assist racers in passing tech where IRRA® rules are being enforced, the IRRA® BoD wants to emphasize the specific Ti22 bodies that are on the IRRA® Approved Body list.

Keep in mind that any Can-Am (or F1 and GTC) body with an "A" suffix to the part number will not be usable for IRRA® racing.
Please note there are Ti22 bodies from multiple manufacturers currently available that are unapproved and not legal for use in racing under IRRA® rules. Specifically, racers should note that the OS478 Ti22, as shown below, is NOT an approved body, as it was never submitted after being announced in Nov, 2015. 


 The following body has been approved January 20, 2017, for use in competition in the F1 Class as of February 18, 2017.
Parma McLaren M7 - part #1060B.







The 1969 Charger from Parma is now approved by the IRRA® for use in competition as of July 6, 2017. Part number as shown 1061-C.






2015 Approved Body List

2017 Approved Body List

As January 1, 2015

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