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The information below is how you can obtain your own copy of Mike Steube's fantatic How To Scratchbuild DVD.  Mike is one of the great scratchbuilders of all time and this very informative DVD will give you many, many tips on how to do it right.
These DVDs playback on a PC or Mac with DVD drive. They do not work with a TV DVD player. Part 1 and 2 are approximately three hours in length total. The "setting up the car" video is another 38 min. in length.

The topics listed with time indicated allow the user to quickly find the specific topic contained in these Quicktime .mov files.

The "Slideshow" is a PowerPoint file which highlights various important steps in the build process as well as show what tools/equipment Mike uses. "Setting up the Car" is a video showing how Mike sets up the completed chassis for racing. If you do not have Quicktime or PowerPoint on your computer, you can download Quicktime and/or a PowerPoint Viewer free (details to be provided with your order).

TO ORDER, send an email to: 1keithtanaka@gmail.com Include your mailing address. The response will contain ordering information and an estimated delivery timeframe. The cost is $19.95 plus tax (for Calif. residents) and shipping/handling ($3). For orders outside of the US and Canada, Keith will provide an email response with the total price (depending on shipping cost).

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